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New EXIN,Inc ISFS Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. An airline company employee notices that she has access to one of the companyu2019s applications that she has not used before. Is this an information security incident?

A. Yes

B. No

Answer: B

Q2. What action is an unintentional human threat?

A. Arson

B. Theft of a laptop

C. Social engineering

D. Incorrect use of fire extinguishing equipment

Answer: D

Q3. Why is air-conditioning placed in the server room?

A. In the server room the air has to be cooled and the heat produced by the equipment has to be extracted. The air in the room is also dehumidified and filtered.

B. When a company wishes to cool its offices, the server room is the best place. This way, no office space needs to be sacrificed for such a large piece of equipment.

C. It is not pleasant for the maintenance staff to have to work in a server room that is too warm.

D. Backup tapes are made from thin plastic which cannot withstand high temperatures. Therefore, if it gets too hot in a server room, they may get damaged.

Answer: A

Q4. A couple of years ago you started your company which has now grown from 1 to 20 employees.

Your companys information is worth more and more and gone are the days when you could keep

it all in hand yourself. You are aware that you have to take measures, but what should they be?

You hire a consultant who advises you to start with a qualitative risk analysis. What is a qualitative risk analysis?

A. This analysis follows a precise statistical probability calculation in order to calculate exact loss

caused by damage.

B. This analysis is based on scenarios and situations and produces a subjective view of the possible threats.

Answer: B

Q5. You work in the IT department of a medium-sized company. Confidential information has got into

the wrong hands several times. This has hurt the image of the company. You have been asked to

propose organizational security measures for laptops at your company. What is the first step that

you should take?

A. Formulate a policy regarding mobile media (PDAs, laptops, smartphones, USB sticks)

B. Appoint security personnel

C. Encrypt the hard drives of laptops and USB sticks

D. Set up an access control policy

Answer: A

Q6. You are the first to arrive at work in the morning and notice that the CD ROM on which you


contracts yesterday has disappeared. You were the last to leave yesterday. When should you

report this information security incident?

A. This incident should be reported immediately.

B. You should first investigate this incident yourself and try to limit the damage.

C. You should wait a few days before reporting this incident. The CD ROM can still reappear and, in that case, you will have made a fuss for nothing.

Answer: A

Q7. You have an office that designs corporate logos. You have been working on a draft for a large

client. Just as you are going to press the <save> button, the screen goes blank. The hard disk is

damaged and cannot be repaired. You find an early version of the design in your mail folder and

you reproduce the draft for the customer. What is such a measure called?

A. Corrective measure

B. Preventive measure

C. Reductive measure

Answer: A

Q8. Your organization has an office with space for 25 workstations. These workstations are all fully

equipped and in use. Due to a reorganization 10 extra workstations are added, 5 of which are

used for a call centre 24 hours per day. Five workstations must always be available. What physical security measures must be taken in order to ensure this?

A. Obtain an extra office and set up 10 workstations. You would therefore have spare equipment

that can be used to replace any non-functioning equipment.

B. Obtain an extra office and set up 10 workstations. Ensure that there are security personnel

both in the evenings and at night, so that staff can work there safely and securely.

C. Obtain an extra office and connect all 10 new workstations to an emergency power supply and

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Adjust the access control system to the working hours of

the new staff. Inform the building security personnel that work will also be carried out in the evenings and at night.

D. Obtain an extra office and provide a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for the five most

important workstations.

Answer: C

Q9. Why is compliance important for the reliability of the information?

A. Compliance is another word for reliability. So, if a company indicates that it is compliant, it

means that the information is managed properly.

B. By meeting the legislative requirements and the regulations of both the government and internal management, an organization shows that it manages its information in a sound manner.

C. When an organization employs a standard such as the ISO/IEC 27002 and uses it everywhere, it is compliant and therefore it guarantees the reliability of its information.

D. When an organization is compliant, it meets the requirements of privacy legislation and, in

doing so, protects the reliability of its information.

Answer: B

Q10. What is an example of a physical security measure?

A. A code of conduct that requires staff to adhere to the clear desk policy, ensuring that confidential information is not left visibly on the desk at the end of the work day

B. An access control policy with passes that have to be worn visibly

C. The encryption of confidential information

D. Special fire extinguishers with inert gas, such as Argon

Answer: D

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