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New CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Q1. A large hospital has implemented BYOD to allow doctors and specialists the ability to access patient medical records on their tablets. The doctors and specialists access patient records over the hospitalu2019s guest WiFi network which is isolated from the internal network with appropriate security controls. The patient records management system can be accessed from the guest network and requires two factor authentication. Using a remote desktop type interface, the doctors and specialists can interact with the hospitalu2019s system. Cut and paste and printing functions are disabled to prevent the copying of data to BYOD devices. Which of the following are of MOST concern? (Select TWO).

A. Privacy could be compromised as patient records can be viewed in uncontrolled areas.

B. Device encryption has not been enabled and will result in a greater likelihood of data loss.

C. The guest WiFi may be exploited allowing non-authorized individuals access to confidential patient data.

D. Malware may be on BYOD devices which can extract data via key logging and screen scrapes.

E. Remote wiping of devices should be enabled to ensure any lost device is rendered inoperable.

Answer: A,D

Q2. The risk manager is reviewing a report which identifies a requirement to keep a business critical legacy system operational for the next two years. The legacy system is out of support because the vendor and security patches are no longer released. Additionally, this is a proprietary embedded system and little is documented and known about it. Which of the following should the Information Technology department implement to reduce the security risk from a compromise of this system?

A. Virtualize the system and migrate it to a cloud provider.

B. Segment the device on its own secure network.

C. Install an antivirus and HIDS on the system.

D. Hire developers to reduce vulnerabilities in the code.

Answer: B

Q3. An intruder was recently discovered inside the data center, a highly sensitive area. To gain access, the intruder circumvented numerous layers of physical and electronic security measures. Company leadership has asked for a thorough review of physical security controls to prevent this from happening again. Which of the following departments are the MOST heavily invested in rectifying the problem? (Select THREE).

A. Facilities management

B. Human resources

C. Research and development

D. Programming

E. Data center operations

F. Marketing

G. Information technology

Answer: A,E,G

Q4. The threat abatement program manager tasked the software engineer with identifying the fastest implementation of a hash function to protect passwords with the least number of collisions. Which of the following should the software engineer implement to best meet the requirements?

A. hash = sha512(password + salt);for (k = 0; k < 4000; k++) {hash = sha512 (hash);}

B. hash = md5(password + salt);for (k = 0; k < 5000; k++) {hash = md5 (hash);}

C. hash = sha512(password + salt);for (k = 0; k < 3000; k++) {hash = sha512 (hash + password + salt);}

D. hash1 = sha1(password + salt);hash = sha1 (hash1);

Answer: C

Q5. A penetration tester is assessing a mobile banking application. Man-in-the-middle attempts via a HTTP intercepting proxy are failing with SSL errors. Which of the following controls has likely been implemented by the developers?

A. SSL certificate revocation

B. SSL certificate pinning

A. C. Mobile device root-kit detection

D. Extended Validation certificates

Answer: B

Q6. During a recent audit of servers, a company discovered that a network administrator, who required remote access, had deployed an unauthorized remote access application that communicated over common ports already allowed through the firewall. A network scan

showed that this remote access application had already been installed on one third of the servers in the company. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate action that the company should take to provide a more appropriate solution?

A. Implement an IPS to block the application on the network

B. Implement the remote application out to the rest of the servers

C. Implement SSL VPN with SAML standards for federation

D. Implement an ACL on the firewall with NAT for remote access

Answer: C

Q7. The manager of the firewall team is getting complaints from various IT teams that firewall changes are causing issues. Which of the following should the manager recommend to BEST address these issues?

A. Set up a weekly review for relevant teams to discuss upcoming changes likely to have a broad impact.

B. Update the change request form so that requesting teams can provide additional details about the requested changes.

C. Require every new firewall rule go through a secondary firewall administrator for review before pushing the firewall policy.

D. Require the firewall team to verify the change with the requesting team before pushing the updated firewall policy.

Answer: A

Q8. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company that allows telecommuting has challenged the Chief Security Officeru2019s (CSO) request to harden the corporate networku2019s perimeter. The CEO argues that the company cannot protect its employees at home, so the risk at work is no different. Which of the following BEST explains why this company should proceed with protecting its corporate network boundary?

A. The corporate network is the only network that is audited by regulators and customers.

B. The aggregation of employees on a corporate network makes it a more valuable target for attackers.

C. Home networks are unknown to attackers and less likely to be targeted directly.

D. Employees are more likely to be using personal computers for general web browsing when they are at home.

Answer: B

Q9. A security engineer at a software development company has identified several vulnerabilities in a product late in the development cycle. This causes a huge delay for the release of the product. Which of the following should the administrator do to prevent these issues from occurring in the future?

A. Recommend switching to an SDLC methodology and perform security testing during each maintenance iteration

B. Recommend switching to a spiral software development model and perform security testing during the requirements gathering

C. Recommend switching to a waterfall development methodology and perform security testing during the testing phase

D. Recommend switching to an agile development methodology and perform security testing during iterations

Answer: D

Q10. A large organization has recently suffered a massive credit card breach. During the months of Incident Response, there were multiple attempts to assign blame as to whose fault it was that the incident occurred. In which part of the incident response phase would this be addressed in a controlled and productive manner?

A. During the Identification Phase

B. During the Lessons Learned phase

C. During the Containment Phase

D. During the Preparation Phase

Answer: B

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