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New Avaya 7304 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. The system ready indicator is a visual indication of the status of the Avaya CallPilot system and shows at a glance what is happening with the system.

Which statement about the system ready indicator icon is true?

A. When the Avaya CallPilot server is in normal operation, the icon is white with an exclamation mark.

B. When calls are not being processed, an X appears on the icon.

C. When status information about the Avaya CallPilot server is currently unavailable the icon flashes a green checkmark.

D. When calls are being processed but some services are not wording, the icon flashes a red question mark.

Answer: A,B

Q2. A user has recently added a second mailbox link in My CallPilot and wants to use the Email-By-Phone feature with it. After logging into the mailbox, the user is only able to listen to the messages from the original email account.

What can the user do to hear messages from the second mailbox account?

A. Enable the email account for Email-By-Phone in My CallPilot, Mailbox Links.

B. Enable the email account for Email-By-Phone in My CallPilot, Telephone Options.

C. Enable the email account for Email-By-Phone in My CallPilot, CallPilot Preferences.

D. Dial 89 or say 'Change List' after logging into Avaya CallPilot to get to the second email account

Answer: A

Q3. You are setting up Directory Synchronization for the first time. You are to contact the Active Directory administrator to gather information that will be needed.

Which privilege will you need to ask for?

A. Write permissions to the LDAP schema

B. Read permissions to object class 'users'

C. Write permissions to the object class 'users'

D. Full administrative privileges to the Active Directory server

Answer: B

Q4. When logging into Avaya CallPilot, the Avaya CallPilor Manager menu banner is displayed. From this banner, it is possible to navigate through the system, if access has been given.

What determines the level of access?

A. Mailbox keycode

B. The LDAP server

C. Mailbox number and password

D. The LDAP server and time of day

Answer: C

Q5. After a user attempts to launch an Email-By-Phone session by pressing 8-9, the system responds by stating that the message list is empty and returns the user to Avaya CallPilot messages.

What is a possible cause for this scenario?

A. The message list on the email server is empty.

B. The user has an incorrect user ID or password.

C. The Email-By-Phone feature is not enabled for this user.

D. The email address is entered incorrectly in the mailbox properties.

Answer: A

Q6. After installing Avaya CallPilot Desktop Messaging, an end user needs to retrieve the messages from the Avaya CallPilot mailbox.

Which protocol enables desktop messaging clients to retrieve messages from the Avaya CallPilot server?

A. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

B. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)

C. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

D. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Answer: B

Q7. A customer wants to implement a User Privacy Option for all My CallPilot users. How can the administrator let the users self-administer the privacy option?

A. In the Mailbox settings of Security Administration, deselect Name Dialing and Name Addressing.

B. In the Name Dialing settings of the Messaging Management page, deselect Name Dialing and Name Addressing.

C. In the Privacy and Blocking settings of the User Creation Template, deselect Name Dialable by External Callers.

D. In the Desktop and Web Messaging Configuration settings of the Mai/box Class Details page, select Allow User to Hide Entry in Address Book.

Answer: D

Q8. Which statement about configuring Remote Notification is true?

A. The schedule is defined in the mailbox class.

B. It can be configured for up to three target Directory Numbers (DNs).

C. It allows only a specific number of retries before notification is turned off.

D. The user's notification number cannot be set up using telephone keypad commands.

Answer: C

Q9. Message Waiting Indicators (MWIs) are used to signal users that new messages have arrived.

Which statement regarding Message Waiting Indicators is true?

A. MWIs can be triggered by new or urgent messages.

B. Up to 15 MWI DNs can be configured by the administrator.

C. My CallPilot users cannot keep their associated MWI from displaying on their telset.

D. The mailbox owner can change their MWI DN once it has been assigned by the administrator.

Answer: A,C

Q10. Which statement is correct concerning the Mailbox Class?

A. The pre-installed Mailbox Classes provided by Avaya Cal/Pilot cannot be customized.

B. Administrators must set the user's remote notification schedules in the Mailbox Class.

C. A change to a setting in the mailbox class can be applied to a select group of the members rather than to all members within the class.

D. To restrict the number that a user can call back, the administrator must apply a Restriction Permission (RPL) to the External Call Sender.

Answer: D

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