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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 12 - Question 21)

Q12. Refer to the exhibit.

Which IPv6 migration method is in use on this network ?

A. 6to4 tunnel


C. ISATAP tunnel

D. dual stack

Answer: B

Q13. You are configuring Wireshark on a Cisco Catalyst 4500E Switch a Supervisor 8. Which three action can you take to prevent the capture from overloading the CPU? {Choose threE.

A. Use an in-line filter.

B. Reconfigure the buffers to accommodate the additional traffic.

C. Attach the specific ports that are part of the data path.

D. Configure a policy a policy map, class map, and an access list to express the match conditions.

E. Use an appropriate ACL

F. Add memory to the Supervisor.

Answer: A,C,E

Q14. Which command can you enter on an interface so that the interface will notify the sender of a packet that the packet that the path is sub-optimal?

A. ip nhrp record

B. ip nhrp set-unique-bit

C. ip nhrp shortcut

D. ip nhrp redirect

E. ip nhrp cost 65535

Answer: D

Q15. Which statement about Auto-RP is true ?

A. All interface s must be configured in sparse modE.

B. All interfaces must be configured in sparse-dense mode.

C. All interfaces must be configured in dense modE.

D. An RP that it tied to a loopback address must be configured.

Answer: B

Q16. Which statement about NAT64 is true?

A. It can be used to translate an IPv6 network to another IPv6 network.

B. It uses one-to-one mapping between IPv6 addresses and IPv4 addresses.

C. It requires static address mapping between IPv6 addresses and IPv4 addresses.

D. It can be configured for stateless and stateful translation.

Answer: D

Q17. Refer to the exhibit.

How can you configure this network this network so that customers can transparently extend their networks through the provider?

A. Configure eBGP peering among the CE routers.

B. Configure OSPF peering between the CE and PE routers.

C. Configure eBGP peering between the CE and PE routers.

D. Configure OTP on the CE routers.

Answer: D

Q18. Which option is the common primary use case for tools such as Puppet.Chef.Ansible.and Salt?

A. network function visualization

B. network orchestration

C. Configuration management

D. Policy assurance

Answer: C

Q19. Which two statements about the max-age time in IS-IS are true ?(Choose two)

A. The IS-IS max-age time is 20 minutes by default.

B. The IS-IS max-age time decrements from max-age to zero.

C. The IS-IS max-age time is 60 minutes by default.

D. The IS-IS max-age time increments from zero to max-age.

Answer: A,B

Q20. Which TCP feature allows a client to request a specific packet that was lost?

A. Selective acknowledge

B. Flow control

C. Fast recovery

D. Sliding window

Answer: A

Q21. which two statements about IP SLAs are true? {Choose two)

A. They are used primarily in the distribution layer.

B. Data for the delay performance metric can be collected both one-way and round-trip

C. Statistics are collected and stored in the RIB

D. Data can be collected with a physical probe.

E. They are layer 2 transport independent.

Answer: B,E

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