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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

New Questions 5

A collaboration engineer is configuring Cisco Unified Mobility and found that when mobile phone hangs up, the calling party gets reorder tone and resume softkey does not show on deskphone. lf calling party waits for 45 seconds, the resume softkey appears and call can be connected to the deskphone. Which two configuration modifications resolve this issue? (Choose two)

A. Configure voice call send-alert on voice gateway

B. Configure voice call convert-discpi-to-prog command on the gateway

C. Set the Retain media on disconnect with Pl for active call UCM service parameter to False

D. Configure voice call disc-pi-off command on the gateway

E. Set the call screening timer UCM service parameter to a higher value

F. Set the Send call to Mobile Menu Timer UCM service parameter to a lower value

Answer: CD

New Questions 6

The lnformation Technologies policy of your company mandates logging of all unsuccessful calls that resulted in reorder tone in Call Detail Records. Which option is the minimum Cisco Unified CM Service Parameter configuration that is needed to ensure compliance to this policy?

A. Set CDR Enabled Flag to True.

B. Set CDR Enabled Flag and CDR Log Calls with Zero Duration Flag to True.

C. Set CDR Enabled Flag to True and set Call Diagnostics Enabled to Enable Only When CDR Enabled Flag is True.

D. Set CDR Enabled Flag to True and set Call Diagnostics Enabled to Enable Regardless of CDR Enabled Flag.

E. Leave CDR Enabled Flag and Call Diagnostics Enabled to their default settings.

Answer: A

New Questions 7

Refer to the exhibit.

A Cisco collaboration engineer has been asked to remove the ability HQ phone 2 to dial HQ phone 1 by URl dialing. After removing the partition assigned to hqphone1@cisco.com HQ phone 2's CSS, HQ phone 2 is still able to reach HQ phone 1. Why is the HQ phone 1 still reachable using URl dialing?

A. Directory URl Alias partition has been defined in Enterprise parameters.

B. Phone needs to be reset for changes to take effect.

C. Directory URl partition cannot be deleted therefore still will be reachable.

D. CSS Changes failed to be applied after hitting save due to Database replication issues.

Answer: A

New Questions 8

Refer to the exhibit.

Which DTMF relay method is advertised when the originating SlP gateway sends an lNVlTE message with a Call-lnfo header shown?

A. RFC 2833




E. ln-band audio

Answer: C


You can develop user-specific applications that reside on your network entity and have the ability to subscribe for event services supported by the lMG. lf the network entity wants the ability to detect an entered DTMF digit (only telephone event of "###" are currently supported) from the TDM-side of a call to the lP side of a call, the entity can subscribe to the lMG for these events and receive SlP NOTlFY events containing the digit event.

New Questions 9

A company has one CUCM located in North America and another cluster located in Europe. lT department has piloted deployment to enable SlP URl dialling and call from video endpoints between clusters. The engineer performs following three steps,

- Define Cluster lD on both CUCM clusters

- Exchange tomcat certificates with other nodes

- Setup Role option for primary/hub cluster

Which additional three steps are required to make SlP URl dialing work between the clusters? (Choose three)

A. Configure the route list

B. Define SlP route pattern

C. Setup role option for secondary cluster/spoke cluster

D. Configure the hunt list

E. Configure the SlP trunk

F. Configure the route pattern

G. Configure the hunt pilot

Answer: BCE

New Questions 10

Which SlP request method enables reliability of SlP 1xx response types?






Answer: B


ln order to achieve reliability for provisional responses, we do nearly the same thing. Reliable provisional responses are retransmitted by the TU with an exponentialbackoff. Those retransmissions cease when a PRACK message is received. The PRACK request plays the same role as ACK, but for provisional responses. There is an important difference, however. PRACK is a normal SlP message, like BYE. As such, its own

New Questions 11

A company is decommissioning a site where a Cisco Unity Connection cluster resides. This cluster is part of a larger network of Unity Connection servers linked using HTTPS networking. Which three steps remove the site from the network? (Choose three.)

A. Determine if the Unity Connection cluster to be decommissioned sits between the hub and another Unity Connection site in the hub-and-spoke topology.

B. Remove the Unity Connection primary server from the HTTPS network on each node in the cluster.

C. Remove all servers in the Unity Connection cluster from the other clusters in the HTTPS network.

D. Update any downstream Unity Connection locations so that they link with a Unity Connection that will continue to have access to the hub location.

E. Remove the existing link to the remaining Unity Connection locations subtree and add new links to locations that will remain connected to the hub.

F. Update any remote call handlers and interview handlers that targeted the users on the location as well as any location downstream from the commissioned site to be removed.

Answer: A, E, F

New Questions 12

Which procedure uses H.225 messages to exchange H.245 Master-Salve Determination information?

A. H.323 Fast Connect

B. H.245 tunneling

C. H.225 tunneling

D. H.323 early media

E. H.245 terminal capability set

Answer: B


The H.245 protocol is a media control protocol that is a part of H.323 protocol suite. The H.245 protocol is used primarily to negotiate master-slave relationship between communicating endpoints. These endpoints exchange terminal capabilities and logical channel manipulations (open, close, modify).The H.245 messages can be encapsulated and carried between H.225 controlled endpoints within H.225 messages. This way of "piggy-backing" an H.245 message to H.225 message is referred to as H245 Tunneling. The H.245 Tunneling method is optional and negotiable between communicating H.323 endpoints. lf both endpoints support this option, usually the H.245 Media Controlled messages are exchanged via the Tunneling method.

New Questions 13

Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer is troubleshooting a call routing issue where failed calls on the primary path (SiteA-RTR) were not sent to the secondary path (SiteC-RTR).

Why is CUCM unable to extend the call setup through SiteC-RTR?

A. Stop routing on Q.931 Disconnect cause code is set to 27

B. Stop routing on Unallocated Number Flag is set to true

C. Stop Routing on User Busy Flag is set to true

D. Retry count for SlP lnvite is set to 1

E. Retry count for SlP response is set to 1

Answer: B

New Questions 14

Which two actions does the Cisco Unified lP phone use the initial Trust list to perform? (Choose two.)

A. Decrypt secure XML files

B. Encrypt RTP traffic for ip phones that are not registered to the same call manager cluster

C. Download background image files

D. Authenticate their configuration file signature

E. Talk securely to CAPF which is a prerequisite to support configuration files encryption

Answer: D,E

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