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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 14 - Question 23)

New Questions 14

Which of the following is most accurate with respect to designing high availability within the Enterprise Campus network?

A. High availability at and between the Distribution and Access layers is as simple as redundant switches and redundant Layer 3 connections

B. Non-deterministic traffic patterns require a highly available modular topology design

C. Distribution layer high availability design includes redundant switches and Layer 3 equal-cost load sharing connections to the switched Access and routed Core layers, with a Layer 3 link between the distribution switches to support summarization of routing information from the Distribution to the Core

D. Default gateway redundancy allows for the failure of a redundant Distribution switch without affecting endpoint connectivity

Answer: D

New Questions 15

The Cisco Nexus 1000V is intended to address which disadvantage of the VMware vSphere solution?

A. Inability to deploy new functional servers without requiring physical changes on the network

B. Complexity added by the requirement for an ESX host for each virtual machine

C. Network administrators lack control of the access layer of the network

D. To increase the number of physical infrastructure and the virtual machines that can be managed

Answer: C

New Questions 16

Refer to the exhibit.

Which functionality must be enabled on router A to connect two networks for translating private addresses into "legal" public addresses on a one-for-one basis?






Answer: B

New Questions 17

What is the term for a logical SAN which provides isolation among devices physically connected to the same fabric?



C. VoQ


E. Enhanced ISL

Answer: D

New Questions 18

Which option describes the effect of using softphones instead of VoIP handsets on QoS implementation for the voice traffic?

A. It provides a Layer 2 CoS marking in the frames that can be used for QoS implementation.

B. Using softphones means that 802.1Q tagging must be configured between the PC and the switch.

C. The voice traffic of softphones is mixed with data traffic of PC on the access VLAN.

D. By using softphones, the implementation of a QoS depends only on trusting DSCP markings set by the PC.

Answer: C

New Questions 19

Which protocol should be configured if a network administrator wants to configure multiple physical gateways to participate simultaneously in packet forwarding?





Answer: C

New Questions 20

Refer to the exhibit.

Which of the following two are advantages of Server virtualization using VMware vSphere? (Choose two)

A. Retains the one-to-one relationship between switch ports and functional servers

B. Enables the live migration of a virtual server from one physical server to another without disruption to users or loss of services

C. The access layer of the network moves into the vSphere ESX servers, providing streamlined vSphere management

D. Provides management functions including the ability to run scripts and to install third- party agents for hardware monitoring, backup, or systems management

E. New functional servers can be deployed with minimal physical changes on the network

Answer: B,C

New Questions 21

A company implemented VoIP in a campus network and now wants a consistent method to implement using AutoQoS. Which two parameters must be considered before AutoQoS is configured? (Choose two.)

A. CEF must be enabled.

B. AutoQoS is available only on routers.

C. Traffic discovery must be performed manually.

D. No service policy can be applied already.

E. Manual traffic analysis must be performed.

Answer: A,D

New Questions 22

Which network virtualization plane is used to separate traffic forwarding tables?

A. control

B. data

C. management

D. Access

Answer: B

New Questions 23

Which Nexus feature enables you to support server connectivity with one topology and address requirement for both high availability and high bandwidth?

A. vPC

B. vPC+

C. Stackwise


Answer: D

Explanation: 3_n1_1/


"Enhanced vPC enables you to support server connectivity with one topology and address requirement for both high availability and high bandwidth."

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