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2017 Apr 300-208 answers

Q31. Which two types of client provisioning resources are used for BYOD implementations? (Choose two.) 

A. user agent 

B. Cisco NAC agent 

C. native supplicant profiles 

D. device sensor 

E. software provisioning wizards 

Answer: C,E 

Q32. What attribute could be obtained from the SNMP query probe? 



C. DHCP class identifier 

D. User agent 


Q33. Which three components comprise the Cisco ISE profiler? (Choose three.) 

A. the sensor, which contains one or more probes 

B. the probe manager 

C. a monitoring tool that connects to the Cisco ISE 

D. the trigger, which activates ACLs 

E. an analyzer, which uses configured policies to evaluate endpoints 

F. a remitter tool, which fails over to redundant profilers 

Answer: A,B,E 

Q34. Which two portals can be configured to use portal FQDN? (Choose two.) 

A. admin 

B. sponsor 

C. guest 

D. my devices 

E. monitoring and troubleshooting 

Answer: B,D 

Q35. An organization has recently deployed ISE with Trustsec capable Cisco switches and would like to allow differentiated network access based on user groups. Which solution is most suitable for achieving these goals? 

A. Cyber Threat Defense for user group control by leveraging Netflow exported from the Cisco switches and identity information from ISE 

B. MACsec in Multiple-Host Mode in order to encrypt traffic at each hop of the network infrastructure 

C. Identity-based ACLs preconfigured on the Cisco switches with user identities provided by ISE 

D. Cisco Security Group Access Policies to control access based on SGTs assigned to different user groups 


Rebirth 300-208 answers:

Q36. Which authorization method is the Cisco best practice to allow endpoints access to the 

Apple App store or Google Play store with Cisco WLC software version 7.6 or newer? 

A. dACL 


C. DNS ACL defined in Cisco ISE 

D. redirect ACL 


Q37. Which two statements about Cisco NAC Agents that are installed on clients that interact with the Cisco ISE profiler are true? (Choose two.) 

A. They send endpoint data to AAA servers. 

B. They collect endpoint attributes. 

C. They interact with the posture service to enforce endpoint security policies. 

D. They block access from the network through noncompliant endpoints. 

E. They store endpoints in the Cisco ISE with their profiles. 

F. They evaluate clients against posture policies, to enforce requirements. 

Answer: C,F 

Q38. Which two attributes must match between two Cisco ASA devices to properly enable high availability? (Choose two.) 

A. model, interface configuration, and RAM 

B. major and minor software release 

C. tcp dead-peer detection protocol 

D. 802.1x authentication identity 

Answer: A,B 

Q39. Which command enables static PAT for TCP port 25? 

A. nat (outside,inside) static eq smtp 

B. nat static eq smtp 

C. nat (inside,outside) static service tcp smtp smtp 

D. static (inside,outside) netmask 


Q40. What is a requirement for posture administration services in Cisco ISE? 

A. at least one Cisco router to store Cisco ISE profiling policies 

B. Cisco NAC Agents that communicate with the Cisco ISE server 

C. an ACL that points traffic to the Cisco ISE deployment 

D. the advanced license package must be installed