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New Cisco 300-075 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 13 - Question 22)

Question No: 13

Refer to the exhibit.

HQ_MRGL is assigned to the HQ IP phones. BR_MRGL is assigned to the BR IP phones. The remote site BR IP phones support only the G.711 codec. Where should the transcoder reside?

A. The transcoder should reside at the HQ site and assigned to HQ_MRG.

B. The transcoder should reside at the BR site and assigned to BR_MRG.

C. The transcoder should be assigned to its own MRG, which should then be assigned to the default device pool.

D. A transcoder is not needed. The HQ phones will automatically change over to the G.711 codec.

Answer: B

Question No: 14

What are the two tasks that you must perform to configure the Service Advertisement Framework forwarder in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)

A. create VPN groups

B. create VPN profiles

C. create a new Service Advertisement Framework security profile

D. set feature configuration parameters of Call Control Discovery

E. configure Service Advertisement Framework forwarder information

F. enable enterprise parameter for Service Advertisement Framework forwarder

Answer: C,E

Question No: 15

What is the default value for the Drop Ad Hoc Conference service parameter? (Source:Preventing Toll Fraud)

A. Never

B. When No On-Net Parties Remain in the Conference

C. When No Off-Net Parties Remain in the Conference

D. Drop Ad Hoc Conference When Creator Leaves

Answer: A

Explanation: Incorrect: BCD

To use the additional functionality that advanced ad hoc conferencing provides, Cisco recommends that you set this service parameter to Never. Any other setting can result in unintentional termination of a conference.

Link: https://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/8_6_1/ccmsys/a05confb.ht ml

Question No: 16

When you configure regions in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager multisite cluster, which two are ways to prevent G.722 from being advertised in the cluster? (Choose two.)

A. modify the service parameter

B. modify the enterprise parameter

C. modify the device pool

D. modify the line settings

Answer: A,B

Question No: 17

Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows centralized Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration components for TEHO calls to U.S. area code 408 from the U.K. The PSTN access code for the U.K. is 9 and 001 for international calls to the U.S. What should the TEHO-US route list configuration consist of?

A. First route group should point only to the U.K. gateway. The second route group should point to the U.S. gateway.

B. First route group should be only the local route group. The second route group should point to the U.S. gateway.

C. First route group should point only to the U.S. gateway. The second route group should be the local route group.

D. The TEHO-US route list should contain only the local route group. The globalized configuration means that the appropriate gateway will be selected automatically.

E. The \\+! route pattern should point directly to the U.S. gateway.

Answer: C

Explanation: Incorrect: ABD

The route group points to one or more gateways and can choose the gateways for call

routing based on preference. The route group can serve as a trunk group by directing all calls to the primary device and then using the secondary devices when the primary is unavailable. One or more route lists can point to the same route group.

Link: http://www.ciscosystems.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/8_6_1/ccmsys/a08gw.html#wp1167274

Question No: 18

Which statement about H.323 Gatekeeper Call Admission Control is true?

A. Gatekeeper Call Admission Control applies to centralized Cisco Unified Communications deployments that use locations based Call Admission Control.

B. Gatekeeper Call Admission Control applies to distributed Cisco Unified Communications deployments.

C. Gatekeeper Call Admission Control applies only to distributed Cisco Unified Communications Express deployments.

D. Gatekeeper Call Admission Control setting is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Answer: B

Explanation: Incorrect: ACD

in distributed call processing deployments on a simple hub-and-spoke topology, you can implement call admission control with a Cisco IOS gatekeeper. In this design, the call processing agent (which could be a Unified CM cluster, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (Unified CME), or an H.323 gateway) registers with the Cisco IOS gatekeeper and queries it each time the agent wants to place an IP WAN call.

Link: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/srnd/7x/cac.html#wp1044743

Question No: 19

Which component of Cisco Unified Communications Manager is responsible for sending keepalive messages to the Service Advertisement Framework forwarder?

A. Call Control Discovery requesting service

B. Hosted DNs service

C. Service Advertisement Framework client control

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager database

E. Service Advertisement Framework-enabled trunk

F. gatekeeper

Answer: C

Question No: 20

Which two are gatekeeper-controlled trunk options that support gatekeeper call administration control? (Choose two.)

A. H.323 B. H.245 C. H.225

D. intercluster

E. intracluster

Answer: C,D

Question No: 21

When an incoming PSTN call arrives at an H.323 gateway, how does the calling number get normalized to a global E.164 number with + prefix in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. Normalization is done using translation patterns.

B. Normalization is done using route patterns.

C. Normalization is done using the gateway incoming called party prefixes based on number type.

D. Normalization is done using the gateway incoming calling party prefixes based on number type.

E. Normalization is achieved by local route group that is assigned to the H.323 gateway.

Answer: D

Question No: 22

Refer to the exhibit.

Which CSS is used at the HQ Cisco Unified Communications Manager to reroute calls via the PSTN when the SAF network is unavailable?

A. the phone device CSS

B. the phone line CSS

C. the phone line/device combined CSS

D. the SAF CSS configured on the CCD requesting service

E. the phone AAR CSS configured at the phone device

F. No special CSS is required. If SAF patterns are accessible, the PSTN reroute is automatic.

Answer: E

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