Exam Code: 300 075 ciptv2 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CIPTV2 Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video, Part 2
Certification Provider: Cisco
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New Cisco 300-075 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 16 - Question 23)

Q1. Where do you specify the device mobility group and physical location after they have been configured?

A. phones


C. device mobility CSS

D. device pool


F. locale

Answer: D

Q2. How is the peer address configured when ExpresswayE has only one NIC enabled and is using static NAT mode?

A. Expressway-E DHCP

B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager DHCP

C. Expressway-E FQDN

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager FQDN

Answer: C

Q3. Which feature enables users to manage business calls by using one phone number to pick up inprogress calls on either their desk phone or their mobile phone?

A. desktop call pickup

B. send call to mobile phone

C. mobile connect

D. mobile voice access

E. access list

Answer: A

Q4. Which option best describes a service that assembles a network model from configured locations and link data in one or more clusters?

A. LBM Hub


C. Shadow

D. Weight

Answer: B

Q5. Refer to the exhibit.

Assume a centralized Cisco Unified Communications deployment with the headquarters in the U.K, and remote site in RTP. All route patterns are assigned a route list that points to the local route group. Local route groups have been configured on the U.K and RTP device pools. A U.K. user logs onto an RTP phone using the Cisco Extension Mobility feature and places an emergency call to 0000. Which statement about the emergency call is true?

A. The call will match the U.K_Emergency route pattern partition and will egress at the RTP gateway.

B. The call will match the U.K_Emergency route pattern partition and will egress at the U.K. gateway.

C. The call will match the RTP_Emergency route pattern partition and will egress at the

U.K. gateway.

D. The call will match the RTP_Emergency route pattern partition and will egress at the RTP gateway.

E. The call will fail.

Answer: A

Q6. Which device must be responsible for properly making network traffic when a cisco ip phone is connected to a cisco switch?

A. core layer switch

B. access layer switch

C. branch router

D. Cisco IP phono

Answer: B

Q7. Which component of Cisco Unified Communications Manager is responsible for sending keepalive messages to the Service Advertisement Framework forwarder?

A. Call Control Discovery requesting service

B. Hosted DNs service

C. Service Advertisement Framework client control

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager database

E. Service Advertisement Framework-enabled trunk

F. gatekeeper

Answer: C

Q8. Company X currently uses a Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which has been configured for IP desk phones and Jabber soft phones. Users report however that whenever they are out of the office, a VPN must be set up before their Jabber client can be used. The administrator for Company X has deployed a Collaboration Expressway server at the edge of the network in an attempt to remove the need for VPN when doing voice. However, devices outside cannot register.

Which two additional steps are needed to complete this deployment? (Choose two.)

A. A SIP trunk has to be set up between the Expressway-C and Cisco UCM.

B. An additional interface must be enabled on the Cisco UCM and placed in the same subnet at the Expressway.

C. The customer firewall must be configured with any rule for the IP address of the external Jabber client.

D. The Expressway server needs a neighbor zone created that points to Cisco UCM.

E. Jabber cannot connect to Cisco UCM unless it is on the same network or a VPN is set up from outside.

Answer: A,D

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