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Q113. Which action configures CAC utilizing only Cisco Unified Communications Manager software? 

A. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager regions. 

B. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager locations. 

C. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager RSVP-enabled locations. 

D. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager MTPs. 


Q114. Refer to the exhibit. 

The HQ Cisco Unified Communications Manager has been configured for end-to-end 

RSVP. The BR Cisco Unified Communications Manager has been configured for local 


RSVP between the locations assigned to the IP phones and SIP trunks at each site are configured with mandatory RSVP. When a call is placed from the IP phone at HQ to the BR phone at the BR site, which statement is true? 

A. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager at HQ will fall back to local RSVP and place the call. No RSVP end-to-end will occur. 

B. RSVP end-to-end will occur. 

C. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager at HQ will use end-to-end RSVP. The BR Cisco Unified Communications Manager will use local RSVP. 

D. The call will fail. 

E. The call will proceed as a normal call with no RSVP reservation. 



Incorrect Answer: A, B, C A possible cause is that the same router is being used as the calling and called RSVP agents, and that router is not running the latest IOS version, which supports loopback on RSVP reservation. Make sure that the router is running the latest IOS version. Link: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/8_6_1/ccmsys/a02rsvp.html #wp1155102 

Q115. Scenario 

There are two call control systems in this item. The Cisco UCM is controlling the DX650, the Cisco Jabber for Windows Client, and the 7965 and 9971 Video IP Phones. The Cisco VCS and TMS control the Cisco TelePresence Conductor, the Cisco TelePresence MCU, and the Cisco Jabber TelePresence for Windows. 

Use the exhibits to answer the following questions. 

DNS Servers 

Device Pool 





Speed Dial 

SIP Trunk 

Which three configuration tasks need to be completed on the router to support the registration of Cisco Jabber clients? (Choose three.) 

A. The DNS server has the wrong IP address. 

B. The internal DNS Service (SRV) records need to be updated on the DNS Server. 

C. Flush the DNS Cache on the client. 

D. The DNS AOR records are wrong. 

E. Add the appropriate DNS SRV for the Internet entries on the DNS Server. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q116. How can the location setting be modified to resolve poor call quality? 

A. No adjustment to location setting is needed 

B. Mark the bandwidth between the locations as unlimited 

C. Decrease the audio bandwidth setting 

D. Remove the audio bandwidth setting 


Q117. In a distributed call processing network with locations-based CAC, calls are routed to and from intercluster trunks. Which trunk type is implemented in this network? 

A. intercluster trunk with gatekeeper control 

B. intercluster trunk without gatekeeper control 

C. SIP trunk 

D. h225 trunk 


Q118. Which two options are requirements for deploying an H.323 gateway with Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the H.323 gateway must be configured use the same TCP port for H.323 calls. 

B. The H.245TCSTimeout timer must be set to at least 25. 

C. Cisco voicemail ports must be active. 

D. The Media Exchange Interface Capability Timer must be set to less than 20. 

E. The Media Exchange Timer must be set to less than 20. 

Answer: A,B 

Q119. What component acts as a user agent for both ends of a SIP call while Cisco Unified SIP SRST is providing failover during a WAN outage? 


B. SIP server 

C. SIP proxy 

D. SIP SRST router 

E. SIP registrar 


Q120. Which two configurable options are available to enable Early Offer for calls over a Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunk? (Choose two.) 

A. No Media Termination Point Required 

B. Media Termination Point Required 

C. Accept Audio Codec Preferences in Received Offer 

D. Early Offer support for voice and video calls Mandatory (insert MTP if needed) 

E. Use Trusted Relay Point 

Answer: B,D