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New Cisco 300-070 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 9 - Question 18)

New Questions 9

Every VoIP endpoint must select one specific codec. Which of these codecs is the mandatory codec?

A. G.729

B. G.728

C. G.722

D. G.711

E. H.264

Answer: D

New Questions 10

When dialing 1234, which rule is matched first?

A. route pattern 1XXX

B. route pattern 12[123]X

C. translation pattern 12[123]X

D. translation pattern 1XXX

E. directory number 12345

Answer: C

New Questions 11

The CSS on a line includes the partitions 911, internal and local. The CSS on the device includes the partitions 911, internal, local and long distance. Which CSS will be used if the phone user dials a local number?

A. The device CSS will be used since the device CSS is always used first on an IP phone.

B. Since the dialed digits are a match to a partition is in both Calling Search Spaces the call will use both matched partitions in both Calling Search Spaces in a round-robin format.

C. If there is both a line and device CSS the line device will only be used.

D. The line and device CSSs will be combined and the device CSS will take precedence.

E. The line and device CSSs will be combined and the line CSS will take precedence.

Answer: E

New Questions 12

Refer to the following Exhibits.

Assume that route pattern for international calls is assigned to the PSTN_Pt partition. After applying the CSSs shown in the exhibit to a phone and placing a call to 00014087071222#, which of the following statements is true?

A. The call will be blocked because the line and device CSS will be combined and partitions in the device CSS will take precedence.

B. The call will be permitted because the line and device CSS will be combined and partitions in the line CSS will take precedence.

C. The call will be blocked because any translation pattern that is blocked will take precedence.

D. Only calls from the primary line will be permitted. Secondary lines will be blocked.

Answer: B


the Line CSS configured on the directory number associated with the user's device profile. Link: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/srnd/8x/cmapps.html

New Questions 13

Which two features are advantages of deploying a cluster over WAN? (Choose two.)

A. Shared line appearances

B. CentralizedDSP resources

C. Extension mobility within the cluster

D. Scalability up to 20 sites, if thereis sufficient IP WAN bandwidth

E. Failover to co-resident Cisco UnifiedCall Manager Express platforms

Answer: A,C

New Questions 14

IP Voice Media Stream Application service should be enabled on which server?

A. Must enabled on dedicated server

B. Only on one node

C. Enable on gatekeeper

D. Enable on the server which TFTP also need to be enable

Answer: D


When more than one MOH server is active in the network, make sure that all the configured MOH files are available for all MOH servers. You might need to copy the files manually to the root directories of all the TFTP servers.

New Questions 15

If a SIP phone has neither KPML nor a set of dial rules configured, how are digits sent to Cisco Unified Communications Manager for further processing?

A. the user must press the # key

B. the user must press the Dial softkey

C. the user must press the enbloc softkey

D. when the user finishes dialing, the digits will be sent automatically

Answer: B

New Questions 16

Refer to Exhibit:

If the user at extension 1001 dials the user at extension 2002, which dial peer is used to route the call?

A. 3

B. 2

C. 4

D. 1

Answer: A

New Questions 17

What are two characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express dial plan? (Choose two.)

A. partitions and calling search spaces


C. dial peers

D. voice translation rules

E. route patterns

Answer: B,C

New Questions 18

If the route patterns 5XXX, 51XX, 513X and 5134 exist within a call route database, which pattern would be matched if the dialed number was 5324?


B. 51XX

C. 513X

D. 5134

Answer: A

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