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2016 Jul 1Z0-516 brain dumps

Q71. For which two business reasons would you use reporting hierarchies instead of summary accounts? (Choose two.) 

A. The primary use for summarization is only for reports. 

B. You want to use summarized data in journal formulas. 

C. Summary relationships are not permanent. 

D. You want online inquiry of summary amounts. 

E. You want to easily reorganize summary views in the future. 

Answer: AE

Q72. Jack, the CFO of ABC Company, wants to prepare the annual capital expenditure budget for the current year where the company plans to grow in the last quarter of the year. The capital expenditure budget is subdivided in multiple items, and the corporate calendar used at ABC Company has thirteen periods. Identify the three budget rules that Jack must use to minimize the effort. (Choose three.) 

A. Use the divide evenly rule with the 4/4/4 spread. 

B. Use the divide evenly rule with the 4/5/4 spread. 

C. Use the divide evenly rule with the 5/4/4 spread. 

D. Use the divide evenly rule with the 4/4/5 spread. 

Answer: BCD

Q73.'s GL accountant is responsible for taking care of recurring journals. She comes to you with a problem: she ran the Generate Recurring Journal program before the AP and Payroll entries had been posted to GL. As a result, the recurring journal entries created are incorrect. She has not yet posted the generated recurring journal, and wants to know whether she can generate it again. The Sequential Numbering profile option is set to Partially used. What response do you offer? 

A. Generate this recurring journal in the previous period. 

B. It is not possible under this scenario to regenerate the recurring journal. 

C. Generate this recurring journal in the next period. 

D. Delete the first generated recurring journal and generate it again. 

E. Generate the recurring journal again, because it has not been posted yet. 

Answer: D

Q74. When you enter a journal, the journals in that batch _____. 

A. should share the same period 

B. should share both the same period and currency 

C. should share the same accounting date 

D. can have different periods, currencies, and accounting dates 

E. should share the same currency 

Answer: A

Q75. Identify two AR transaction types that correspond to the GL category sales nvoice. (Choose two.) 

A. Deposits 

B. Guarantee 

C. Adjustments 

D. Chargebacks 

E. On-account credit 

F. Miscellaneous transactions 

Answer: AB

1Z0-516 braindumps

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Q76. Identify three features of the Workflow Engine in Oracle Workflow Architecture. (Choose three.) 

A. Resides in Oracle Database 

B. Interacts with Advanced Queuing 

C. Resides in Oracle Application Server 

D. Interacts with Business Event System 

E. Implements workflow process definitions at run time 

F. Implements workflow process definitions at design time 

Answer: ADE

Q77. A debit memo reversal must be utilized to reverse the receipt if_____ . 

A. Receipt is a non-invoice-related receipt 

B. Receipt has an open claim associated with it 

C. Receipt has been reconciled in Cash Management 

D. Receipt has a remitted credit card refund application 

Answer: D

Q78. Which three are true about the Global Consolidation System? (Choose three.) 

A. consolidates data from legacy feeder system 

B. consolidation process creates consolidated journal entries in both parent and subsidiary sets of books 

C. performs multidimensional analysis of consolidated financial data using Oracle Financial Analyzer 

D. automatically generates journal entries to eliminate intercompany balances based on defined rules 

Answer: ACD

Q79. When you enter a journal, the journals in that batch _____. 

A. Must share the same period 

B. Must share the same currency 

C. Must share the same accounting date 

D. Must share both the same period and currency 

E. Can have different periods, currencies, and accounting dates 

Answer: A

Q80. Your client has sales tax requirements that involve two types of sales tax. The first sales tax applies to all customers. The second sales tax is based on where the company ships the goods. All goods are taxable; however some customers who resell the goods are exempted from the second sales tax. Choose three applicable options to set up sales tax for your client. (Choose three.) 

A. Tax classification code for exempt tax 

B. Item exemptions for both sales taxes 

C. Customer exemptions for the first sales tax 

D. Customer tax exemptions for the second sales tax 

E. Tax group for the combination of the two tax classification codes 

Answer: ADE