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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q1. What willthe following JavaScript code do when it runs?

<SCRIPT Language="JavaScript">


var d=new Date; var h=d.getHours(); var msg="";

var targ; if(h<12)

msg="<h1>Good Morning!</h1>"; else if(h>=12 && h<18) msg="<h1>Good Afternoon!</h1>"; else

msg="<h1>Good Evening!<h1>"; document.write(msg);



A. It will write "Good Afternoon!'

B. If it is before noon, it will write "Good Morining!", if after noon but before 6 pm, "Good Afternoon!" if after 6 pm, "Good Evening!"

C. It will write "Good Evening!"

D. It will write "Good Morning!'

Answer: B

Q2. A user can never delete or disable cookies



Answer: B

Q3. is used frequently in JavaScript to combine text strings, especially in conjunction with prompt() and alert().

A. Concatenation

B. String()

C. Instaniation

D. Confirmation

Answer: A

Q4. Function blocks begin with the keyword followed by the function name.

A. run


C. function

D. method

Answer: C

Q5. are used in expressions to store or return a value.

A. variables

B. assignments

C. operators

D. methods

Answer: C

Q6. A custom object has only one level of properties and methods associated with it

A. multiple

B. simple

C. single

D. complex

Answer: B

Q7. You can only create 5 methods for an object?



Answer: A

Q8. For a comment that extends beyond the current line, enclose the area that will not execute with -

A. */comment/*

B. /*comment*/

C. */comment*/

D. /*comment/*

Answer: B

Q9. What should you use to evaluate multiple custom objects?

A. A statement

B. A variable

C. A function

D. A method

Answer: C

Q10. A is an organized block of code that handles actions generated by user events.

A. function

B. method

C. statement

D. object

Answer: A,C

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