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New Cisco 100-105 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. How many primary IPv4 addresses can be assigned to an interface?

A. unlimited

B. 8

C. 2

D. 1

Answer: A


CiscoIOS software supports multiple IP addresses per interface. You can specify an unlimited number of secondary addresses.


Refer to the exhibit. Which feature is enabled by this configuration?

A. static NAT translation

B. a DHCP pool

C. a dynamic NAT address pool


Answer: C

Q3. CORRECT TEXTHow do you bypass password on cisco device?


Change the configuration register to 0x2142. With this setting when that router reboots, it bypasses the startup-config and no password is required.

Q4. Which command displays the number of times that an individual router translated an inside address to an outside address?

A. show ip protocol 0

B. show ip nat translation

C. show counters

D. show ip route

E. show ip nat statistics

Answer: E

Q5. Which port-security feature allows a switch to learn MAC addresses dynamically and add them to the running configuration?

A. security violation restrict mode

B. switch port protection

C. sticky learning

D. security violation protect mode

Answer: C


You can configure an interface to convert the dynamic MAC addresses tosticky secure MAC addresses and to add them to the running configuration by enabling sticky learning. To enable sticky learning, enter the switchport port-security mac-address sticky interface configuration command. When you enter this command, the interface converts all the dynamic secure MAC addresses, including those that were dynamically learned before sticky learning was enabled, to sticky secure MAC addresses.

Q6. Which statement is a Cisco best practice for switch port security?

A. Vacant switch ports must be shut down.

B. Empty ports must be enabled in VLAN 1.

C. VLAN 1 must be configured as the native VLAN.

D. Err-disabled ports must be configured to automatically re-enable.

Answer: A

Q7. An administrator issues the show ip interface s0/0 command and the output displays that interface Serial0/0 is up, line protocol is up What does "line protocol is up" specifically indicate about the interface?

A. The cable is attached properly.

B. CDP has discovered the connected device.

C. Keepalives are being received on the interface.

D. A carrier detect signal has been received from the connected device.

E. IP is correctly configured on the interface.

Answer: C

Q8. Refer to the exhibit.

A network technician is unable to ping from R1 to R2. What will help correct the problem?

A. Ensure that the serial cable is correctly plugged in to the interfaces.

B. Apply the clock rate 56000 configuration command to the serial0/1 interface of R1.

C. Configure the serial0/1 interfaces on R1 and R2 with the no shutdown command.

D. Change the address of the serial0/1 interface of R1 to

E. Change the subnet masks of both interfaces to

Answer: A

Q9. Which statement about DHCP address pools is true?

A. A network must be defined before you can configure a manual binding.

B. Only one DNSserver can be identified for an individual DHCP group.

C. You can use a subnet mask of prefix length to define a network.

D. The domain name of the DHCP pool is specified in the global configuration of the router.

Answer: C

Q10. Which statement describes the effect of the overload keyword in the ip nat inside source list 90 interface ethernet 0/0 overload command?

A. Addresses that match address list inside are translated to the IP address of the Ethernet 0/0 interface.

B. Hosts that match access inside are translated to an address m the Ethernet 0/0 network.

C. Hosts on the Ethernet 0/0 LAN are translated to the address pool in access list 90.

D. Addresses that match access list 90 are translated through PAT to the IP address of the Ethernet 0/0 interface

Answer: D

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